How To Obtain Audio Lectures

How Do I Get the Audio Recordings of Gary’s Reading of the Pathwork Lectures?


Option 1: Free Download of Individual Lectures

All 258 of the regular Pathwork Lectures are available for free on iTunes.  

Method 1 Pathwork Website — 1) Go to Pathwork Link; 2) Scroll to desired lecture; 3) Double-click on desired lecture. 4) you have two choices at this point — A) Play or B) Download

Method 2 iTunes – 1) Go to iTunes STORE, 2) SEARCH for “Pathwork” 3) Select mountain scene with words “Pathwork Lectures” 4) Select any lectures you want — click on “free” 5) Return to your “Library” 6) Select “Podcasts” 7) Double-click on any lecture you have downloaded into iTunes.

Option 2: Purchasing a DVD with All Recorded Lectures

For those who would like the DVD with all 258 of the lectures (perhaps because it’s easier to load them all onto your computer at one time), go to the CONTACT Page of this website and send me your complete mailing address and I shall send you the DVD with 258 Pathwork Lectures — over 200 hours of recorded material.  The price is $50 (about 19¢ per lecture, or 25¢ per hour of recorded lecture) — but this payment is optional — it is more important to me that all who want to use these lectures have access to them! (Note: also on this DVD is a Microsoft Word copy of the 258 lectures. I have paragraph numbered each lecture for easy navigating in class, etc. Some teachers have found this useful)

There are two ways to pay: 1) PayPal or 2) Check per invoice enclosed with DVD. Do not pay until you are satisfied that the lectures are working for you. Note that you can burn conventional CDs of any lecture from your computer after you have loaded this DVD onto your computer.  You can also load these onto iPods. For myself I have copied all my recorded lectures onto my iPod and iPhone and listen during workouts, driving, etc.

Option 3: Purchasing Conventional CDs of Individual Lectures

Each lecture averages 45 minutes and consists of about 50 paragraphs.  I offer conventional CDs with individual lectures recorded and where each track is a paragraph.  I use these most in my studies and for listening in the car. The text version of all lectures I have recorded in paragraph-numbered format is included with the above-mentioned DVD.  This is useful for study classes in navigating through the lectures.  If you would like the individual lectures on a CD with paragraph numbers matching CD tracks, send me your mailing address and I shall send you the CDs you would like.  The charge is $4 per lecture.  Do not send check until you are satisfied that the lectures are working for you.