Pathwork Audio


Since being introduced to Pathwork in 2000, I have come to drink in the words of the Pathwork Lectures.  This hunger continues to grow even now, in 2012.  While these lectures can be read for concepts and ideas they contain, and as important as these ideas and concepts are, I use the lectures primarily as inspirational material, devotionally, letting the words call forth truths from deep within my being.  The resonance I feel can move me to tears.  I hear the words differently each time, because my life has moved forward day by day and the words touch a different need in my soul.

In 2006 I began making recordings of the Lectures so that I could listen to them in my leisure and idle time (riding time, exercise time, etc.).  To make the recordings, I read the lectures aloud, edit them very carefully for accuracy of words and meaning, and burn them onto audio CDs.  Each paragraph of a lecture is one track on the CD, which enables me to follow the text easily, repeat meaningful paragraphs, etc.

This project grew into creating a library of Pathwork Lecture recordings, now including nearly all of the 258 Lectures given by Eva Pierrokos between 1957 and her death in 1979.  These audio readings are available in conventional CD format (1 lecture per CD) or in MP3 format, all recorded lectures on one DVD suitable for downloading onto a computer, iPhone, and iPod. The recordings of the 258 lectures come to nearly 200 hours of this inspirational Pathwork wisdom.


In 2008 I entered into a contract with the International Pathwork Foundation.  Under this contract the Foundation offers my recordings as downloads, one lecture at a time (go to: International Pathwork Foundation Website).   In addition under this contract I can sell the DVD that has all the lectures I have recorded on it.  This is very convenient for students, teachers, and Pathwork enthusiasts who want access to all this material in audio form.  I also sell individual lectures in conventional CD format where each track has one paragraph of the lecture.