Pathwork Helper and Business Coaching Services

I offer personal coaching and life development services in the roles of life coach, mentor, and Apprentice Pathwork Helper.

My Agreement for Pathwork Helper Sessions

The Nature of the Work:

I shall be using Pathwork as a framework for our work together. Pathwork integrates psychological and spiritual concepts and tools to foster personal and spiritual development and growth. While Pathwork deals with psychological issues, our work is not psychotherapy and I am not a therapist.  I do not deal with diagnosed or undiagnosed psychological issues that render one dysfunctional.  While Pathwork deals with spiritual issues, I am not a spiritual director.  My work focuses on people, usually in midlife or later, who are mostly functional but who are not as fulfilled, satisfied or happy as they long to be. Our goal together is for you to come to accept fully your humanity while at the same time coming to move through some of your restrictions and thereby experience more fully the joy that comes from living from your true essence, the Greater Consciousness within.

Your journey is your journey to discover and experience. My role is to support you in taking self-responsibility for your life, to be a safe container for your exploration for the truth, and to share with you and help you use some of the Pathwork materials and tools that help you to further your spiritual and personal growth.

I also commit to doing my own Pathwork process with regular helper and supervisory sessions, my intention of self-honesty, my spiritual practices, and applying Pathwork teachings in my life challenges. I commit to giving you my best for the sake of your freedom and happiness. In many respects I am a midwife and coach to your birthing of your full Inner Self.  I want for you your deepest fulfillment, joy, happiness, and freedom.

Fees for Sessions:

This is spiritual work that I feel called to, and I want to make my services available as broadly as possible.  My fee is $45 per session (≈1 hour).

My Agreement for Business Coaching Services

Nature of the work

These sessions mostly relate to business development  and derive from my 29-year career at SDRC, a mechanical engineering software and consulting firm.  The work is intuitive and I explore with you the strategies of identifying and engaging with senior people whose needs are satisfied by your products and services.  What are the right questions for inquiry? What gets to the deepest needs the customer has that your could satisfy?  Why does the customer want to work with you or not?  Who are the buyers influencers?  These are some of the questions I help you to explore.

The form of this work can be as a coach in a specific situation, a mentor on a retainer basis, or member of an advisory board, or whatever form best suits your needs.

Fees for Coaching Services:

My fee ranges from $80 to $150 per hour, depending upon circumstances.

My Background

Life has been my main teacher.  But so you know other aspects of my background let me share some of my explorations and training. My most recent and intense training has been in Pathwork (5 years of Pathwork Transformation Program, 2-years Teacher Training, 3-years Helper Training). I have assisted in the Sevenoaks Pathwork Transformation Program for three years and assisted in a variety of Pathwork and related workshops at Sevenoaks.  My spiritual practices are those of Pathwork and I am deeply drawn to the Pathwork Lectures.   I have also have had 30 graduate hours of study in a Lay Pastoral Ministry Program at a Catholic Seminary, been trained as a life coach (Newfield) and served as a Hospital Chaplain Intern (9 months in a Clinical Pastoral Education Program).  Small sharing groups have been a large part of my history.  I co-founded Stillpoint Center for the Healing Arts and founded Tourmaline Life Center.

Earlier in my professional career I was involved in leadership and management in business, church and church-related organizations, and non-profits.