Pathwork Presentations, Tools, Techniques, Rituals

From time to time I have given presentations on Pathwork or on Lectures or learned of other tools, etc. This page contains a number of them.  For more information, please contact me. Note that some of these are all available as PowerPoint presentations if desired.  Here they are PDF files, 1 or 2 slides per page — click on the title to open the resource. 

Our Morning Practice

Our morning practice continues to evolve — here is the 10/6/14 version to the one below. Open the Adyashanti meditation referred to (The Naked Simplicity of Being).

A Morning Meditation, Prayer, and Sharing Time for Two

This is the format of the morning coffee time that Pat and I have evolved over the past few years. It has served us well. It can be modified for one or for a larger group or in other ways that fit the situation.

Adyashanti Meditation - “Breath as Life and Death”

During the first quarter of 2014 Pat and I have used this 32-minute meditation by Adyashanti for our morning meditation. It is a beautiful way to start the day. It is from his 24-hour series on Jesus Christ given in April 2013. Please do not abuse copyrights in using this. 

Adyashanti Meditation — Head, Heart, Gut

Beginning in May 2014 Pat and I began using this second 30-minute meditation — same source as preceding listing. We find it very rich.

Adyashanti Meditation — “The Naked Simplicity of Being”

Beginning in July 2014 Pat and I began using this third 30-minute meditation — same source as preceding two. We again find it very rich.

Adyashanti Meditation — The Silent Act of Devotion

Here is the fourth 30-minute Adyashanti Meditation that Pat and I use in our meditation times. Same source as preceding three.

Stages of Consciousness — a Ken Wilber Group Presentation

On August 6, 2008, I made this presentation on stages of consciousness. It was not intended as a presentation but rather as a basis for discussion.

The Wall Within

A Pathwork lesson built upon Pathwork Lecture 47 The Wall Within. It can be used by individuals or in groups. It would work best perhaps as a short series so that the material could be taken in deeply.  The lesson addresses identifying and overcoming some of the things that block us from fully realizing our destiny and manifesting all that God would call us to in our life on earth. It was used for a Pathwork class on 10/11/13

What is Pathwork? — A One-Page Flyer

This one-page summary is useful as a handout or turning into a poster.

Where’s The Joy? — A Pathwork Group Spiritual Exploration

Isn’t Joy supposed to be the “beef” of life? So where’s the “beef”?  We’ll explore this as each of us contemplates his or her own joy, or lack thereof, and see how Pathwork Lecture 17 The Call – Daily Review helps us find the joy. (A Cincinnati class led by Gary Vollbracht and Pat Peterson July 12, 2013)

A Vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork — 2013

This was written over the Christmas holidays of 2012 and is based upon interactions with fellow members of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Council and my understanding of the wisdom of the Pathwork Lectures. It is a work-in-progress.

Pathwork Program Framework — A Vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork: A Discussion Document

This presentation, created in August 2012, is a vision for Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. It integrates regional and centralized programs, the beginning and advanced programs and provides seven keys for a successful program. It also creates a context for a new Graduate Pathwork Program for Pathwork Transformation Program graduates, including helpers. It is intended to be a document for stimulating conversation and engagement and as such is a work in progress.  Comments welcomed. 

Introduction to Pathwork — Based on Pathwork Lecture 204

This presentation, created in 2005, was used to introduce the framework of Pathwork to first-year students in the Sevenoaks Pathwork Transformation Program.  It includes an entrance exam to see if a person is ready for this level of spiritual and personal work.

Becoming Merely and Utterly Human, The Purpose of Life — a Depiction of the Moira Shaw, The 50-50 Work© Core Idea

This short presentation is a depiction of the Moira Shaw, The 50-50 Work© core idea . It includes examples. (Also expanded below with Lecture 165 ¶32-38)

Soul’s Journey Chart

Depiction of Pathwork’s Soul’s Journey Chart — developed by Moira Shaw (presented by Erena Bramos)

Presentation: Feeling All Feelings — the Doorway to Spiritual Aliveness (Pathwork Lecture 165 ¶13-27)

For PDF file of Slides: (Click to open Part 1)   (Click to open Part 2)

For PDF file of Slides with corresponding Lecture paragraphs: (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

This presentation from Pathwork Lecture 165 Evolutionary Phases in the Relationship Between the Realms of Feelings, Reason, and Will (¶13-27) was developed to help me crystalize the criticality of feeling my feelings. I share it with those for whom, like for me, this is a life issue. Note that the following presentation is a continuation of material from this Pathwork Lecture.

Presentation: Coming to Feel All Feelings by “Becoming Merely and Utterly Human” (Pathwork Lecture 165 ¶32-38; Integrating Moira Shaw, The 50-50 Work© Concept)

For PDF file of Slides: (Click to open Part 1)   (Click to open Part 2)

This presentation from Pathwork Lecture 165 Evolutionary Phases in the Relationship Between the Realms of Feelings, Reason, and Will (¶32-38) is a sequel to the preceding presentation from the same lecture. This presentation integrates Moira Shaw, The 50-50 Work© with Lecture 165. As with the preceding presentation it was made to deepen my own understanding.

Presentation on Pathwork Lecture 131 — Expressing and Impressing

(Click to Open Part 1)     (Click to Open Part 2)     (Click to Open Part 3)

This presentation (given here in three parts) was made in preparation for a Sevenoaks Pathwork Leaders Retreat in May 2012. It includes the role of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pathwork in a Pathwork Transformation Program — or in life. This lecture has moved me deeply, as reflected in many of my April 2012 blog entries.

Presentation on Pathwork Lecture 50 — The Vicious Circle

This presentation was developed for a Pathwork Transformation Program class on March 8, 2012

Pathwork Teleconference Format – Rigsby/Itkin

Here is an example of a 90-120 minute Pathwork teleconference format developed by Jan Rigsby and Lea Itkin. It is based upon 12-step meeting techniques and integrates Pathwork lecture material — hence they named the program Pathwork Steps Teleconference. For more information about Jan’s and Lea’s Pathwork Steps Teleconference format from Jan’s website click here. For example click here. I have tried it and found it very effective. Jan and Lea encourage others to try it and are willing to help folks get started.

Pathwork Commitment/Blessing Ritual

This is a Pathwork Ritual for ending events needing a commitment from people for their personal growth as well as for their service to a purpose greater than themselves.  It has been used at a helper retreat at Sevenoaks. (5/30/11)

Pathwork Lecture 177 Pleasure — The Full Pulsation of Life

Presentation used in a year-4 teaching of the Sevenoaks Pathwork Transformation Program (May 23, 2011)

Praying with the Pathwork Lectures (Lectio Divina)

This Pathwork Spiritual Practice is derived from the sacred ancient practice called Lectio Divina. While this adaptation may not capture the deeper meaning of this ancient spiritual practice, it seems a useful way to engage the Pathwork lectures in a devotional way each day.

Note: for Pathwork quotes you can use for this practice, go to the Pathwork Store.

Note: for an mp3 file of 4 bell sounds separated by 5 minutes of silence for this practice click here


This is a handy chart to illustrate how that which wants to manifest through our Divine Nature (Higher Selves) — Power (Drawn to Create), Love (Drawn to Connect), and Serenity (Drawn to Truth) in service to the Whole — gets distorted (manifesting as Self-Will, Fear, and Pride) when used in service to the separated ego. Because these Lower Self qualities don’t fit well in the world we become cultured and “nice” by putting on our Mask Self — the Pretense of our Divine Nature (Power Mask, Love Mask, and Serenity Mask). (Note that there are two versions of this chart — the second works better as a readable handout.)

Daily Review

This brief write-up and form presents a key Pathwork Practice of Daily Review as a tool to grow in consciousness and awareness as we go from living our life on auto-pilot, numb to our true feelings, and clueless as to why we are doing what we are doing to living our life from a place of Knowing intuitively the truth of who we are. It includes a quote from Pathwork Lecture # 17 The Call — Daily ReviewMake copies of the last page and use this form to track your daily disharmonies in life.

Daily Motivation Review

This brief write-up and form presents Daily Motivation Review as a tool to grow in consciousness and awareness as we go from living our life on auto-pilot, numb to our true feelings, and clueless as to why we are doing what we are doing to living our life from a place of Knowing intuitively the truth of who we are. It includes a quote from Pathwork Lecture # 45 The Conflict Between Conscious and Unconscious Desires. Make copies of the last page and use this form to track your daily motivations for action or reaction.

Practical Ways of Dealing with Conflict (From Pathwork Lecture 203)

These concepts from Pathwork Lecture 203 are very useful for dealing with conflict, especially going into situations where one anticipates conflict. How could your patterns of pride, self-will, and fear come up? How could you choose to respond differently and thereby arrive at a new creative approach to a problematic and conflictual situation?

Pathwork Lecture 140 Conflict of Positive Versus Negative Oriented Pleasure as the Origin of Pain



1.Summary and Exercises (2)

2.Benign and Vicious Cycles (12)

3.The Negative and the Positive in Us (16)

4.The World of Positive and Negative Spheres (20)

5.Positive and Negative Pleasure Principles – Pain (26)

6.Dynamics, Oscillations, Interactions (32)

7.Evolution and Growth of the Soul Through Insidious Worlds of Negativity (39)

8.Steps for Growing From Negative to Positive (46) Intentionality

9.Closing Blessing (50)


Pathwork Lecture 189 Self-Identification Determined Through Stages of Consciousness

Shows how confusion of our identity causes problems that we can recognize in areas of un-fulfillment in our lives. It also shows that we have choices as to how to resolve issues we face by using our mature healthy ego. (9/21/2010)

Pathwork Lecture 197: Energy and Consciousness in Distortion: Evil

This lecture shows how our NO to the Life Force derails our life, leading to suffering and un-fulfillment.  Crises that are necessary to resolve these YES and NO inner forces in our life are part of our evolutionary development.  (9/21/2010)

Evil and the “Fall,” a Pathwork Perspective

This is a presentation I gave in 2008  to a Ken Wilber to which I belonged for several years. The presentation attempts to integrate some of the Pathwork concepts on evil with Wilber/Beck’s Spiral Dynamics. A bit heady. (11/5/2008)

Pathwork Lecture 199: The Meaning of the Ego and Its Transcendence

This lecture shows how, as in the trauma of birth, we move through stages of growth that include feelings of safety, trauma, rebirth, and freedom.  Our healthy ego is necessary for this process to move smoothly.  (9/21/2010)

Pathwork Lecture 257 Aspects of the New Divine Influx: Part 1 Communications.

This lecture speaks to how communications among people deepens as our consciousness increases.  (9/21/2010)

Pathwork Lecture 257: Aspects of the New Divine Influx Part 2: Group Consciousness

This part of Lecture 257 describes our innate longing for oneness and the pain that we suffer when we deny this longing.  It applies to the various groups to which we belong. (9/21/2010)

Pathwork Lecture 257: Aspects of the New Divine Influx: Part 3: Exposure

This final part of Lecture 257 speaks to the importance of openly sharing our inner feelings and our lower-self shortcomings and faults.  It also speaks to the beautiful energy that flows out of connections where this deep sharing happens.  (9/21/2010)

What Is Pathwork?

This presentation was given at Member’s Weekend at Sevenoaks Pathwork Center on July 11, 2009.  It gives an overview of Pathwork’s aim and purpose as a very practical spiritual path for overcoming life’s problems and finding true fulfillment and happiness.  It also gives an outline of the components of the Pathwork as a life practice, including the Pathwork Transformation Program.  (Also available here as PowerPoint Slides)

Growing through the Pathwork Lectures

This presentation was given at the Sevenoaks Jamboree in September 2008. It is a practical guide giving background on the Pathwork Lectures and suggestions for using them for spiritual and personal growth.

Pathworkers Together

This short presentation is a white paper created as a basis for  discussion concerning how Pathworkers are together in three venues: Community, Growth Groups, and Service Teams.  If you would like to engage in conversation on these ideas, please contact me. 6/15/09

Healing Fragmentation

Fragmentation is a challenge facing our Pathwork Community.  I had a supervision session with Michael Roblee to help me work with our community in this matter and summarized Michael’s and my own thoughts in this brief presentation.  7/8/09

Pathwork Lecture 127

This is a presentation of Pathwork Lecture 127: Evolution’s Four Stages: Automatic Reflexes, Awareness, Understanding, Knowing. It was given at Sevenoaks several times for various workshops.  8/20/09

Pathwork Lecture 89

This is a presentation of Pathwork Lecture 89: Emotional Growth and Its Function. It was given at Sevenoaks several times for various workshops.  9/27/09

What Is Prayer?

This is a presentation of a portion of Pathwork Lecture 105: Humanity’s Relationship to God in Various Stages of Development. It illustrates how our prayer life changes as we go through life, including even our possible stages of atheism.  It builds off the presentation of Pathwork Lecture 127.  9/27/09