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Generally the audio recordings are offered in mp3 format on a DVD.  The average length of a lecture is about 45 minutes, with a range from 30 minutes to just over an hour for each lecture.

Listen on a computer

The DVD can be loaded onto a computer and listened to. Insert the DVD, open the lecture you want to play and it will begin to play.  How this all works depends upon whether you have a Mac or PC, use iTunes, or whatever.

Nano with audio readings of 163 Pathwork Lectures

Nano with audio readings of 163 Pathwork Lectures


Ideally, the lecture mp3 files can be loaded onto an iPod.  A low-cost Nano is shown at the left.  This Nano shown contains 163 lectures, or 122 hours of lecture readings, and this 122 hours takes up less that 25% of the Nano’s capacity.  I put all the lectures in one playlist, but you can organize them any way you want.  With the dial at the bottom of the iPod the user can scroll to the desired lecture, press play, and listen to the lecture on the Nano’s plug-in earphones.  This is what I do for gym workouts and this mode could be used around the house, while riding a bus, or whatever.

iPod in car

The Nano can be plugged into a car radio if the radio is equipped for external devices.  Or an inexpensive unit can be purchased that allows the iPod to be played through the car’s radio. Check this out at Radio Shack.  (See entry below –”Questions, Problems, Ideas”  for more details about playing iPods through car radios)

But I really want a conventional CD version

No problem.  There are two routes here.  First, you can ask me for CDs of the lectures you want.  Remember that each CD contains only one lecture.  In this format each paragraph of the lecture is a track on the CD.  The number of tracks ranges from 30 to 60. This can be a very convenient format.  When a paragraph strikes you you can simply press “repeat track” and listen to that paragraph as much as you want.  Also, on the DVD with all the lectures I supply a paragraph-numbered version of each lecture in Microsoft Word.  The paragraph numbers match the CD track numbers to further ease your finding what you like.  This paragraph numbered written lecture is also useful in lecture study classes for navigation. If you get a CD of a lecture be sure to ask for the DVD as well so you can have the paragraph-numbered text that goes with it.

A second approach is to burn your own CDs from the mp3 files on the DVD.  This method loses the paragraph numbering and tracks, but is very convenient for quickly making CDs for any of the mp3 files on the DVD.  The way to do this depends upon your computer.  I have a Mac and use iTunes for this task.

Questions, Problems, Ideas

Please contact me

Say more about playing iPods in a car…

Question: I have an Ipod Nano, but I admit I haven’t used it in the car and am not sure  that would work for me. …  I guess I don’t understand what you mean by having the lectures on DVD; I thought those were only for watching on TV or computer.

Answer:  I, too, do not have a way to directly connect my Nano to the car radio.  But there is a solution.  I purchased an Accurian FM Transmitter from Radio Shack for $40. This small device plugs into my Nano.  I turn the Nano on, and then find an FM station on my radio that has no signal (all static).  I manually tune the Accurian FM Transmitter to that station, and bingo I hear my Nano playing through my car radio.

Now how to get the lectures onto the Nano.  This is where the DVD comes in.  I use the DVD because it holds 6 times the data that a CD will hold.  So I load the Pathwork Lecture DVD into my computer that synchs to my Nano, I open it and then move the folder that contains the 181 mp3 files to iTunes.  I then synch my Nano with my computer and bingo all 181 lectures are transferred to the Nano and available on my Nano for listening.  Well actually I create a playlist in iTunes marked PATHWORK LECTURES and then move the folder containing the mp3 files to that playlist.  But how you do this depends on how you manage your Nano.